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Functional Wellness.

At the BBFit Studio we are fully aware that the most important aspect of health comes from nutrition. And for this reason we are always seeking for the best, cleanest and safest products to use and share with our clients, friends and family. 

Last year we partnered up with Q Sciences because we felt they best fit our expectations and hold our same values.


Check them out for yourselves :) 

All About Q Sciences HERE


Coach's Pick 

I personally use many products, But BRU will forever be my favorite because it's the one product that changed things for me! 

Long story short, I was struggle with burn out Late November and it spilled into the Christmas season, It was a dark season for me. Started taking BRU, and about a week into it, I realized one morning I was starting to feel myself again! They gray cloud was starting to dissappear! 

I wont go a day without it!


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