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In-Person Training


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In-Person Training at BBFit Studio: Embrace Functional Fitness

Thank you for exploring my site! If you resonate with our approach at The Balanced Body Fitness Studio, I'd love to connect and kickstart your wellness journey.

At BBFit, we blend the intimacy of personal training with the dynamic energy of group classes. Every session sees you receiving specialized attention, just as you would in a one-on-one setting, ensuring safety and efficiency. We're passionate about empowering everyone, regardless of age or fitness level, to adopt a balanced life through functional training and nutrition.

All are welcome here: everyone needs to move, eat healthily, rest, and hydrate. My mission is to simplify these essential life practices for you.

Our typical class involves warm-ups, accessory and strength training, and culminates in a lively circuit session. Experience the collective motivation of group training, celebrating each member's individual pace.

Stay tuned for exciting additions to our offerings: from spa treatments to new classes such as Men's Only, Barre, Yoga, and Juniors!

Current class schedule is as followed

Monday:          Functional Training Class 7:45 am 

                         Functional Training Class  6:45 am         

Wednesday:   Functional Training Class 7:45 am 

                         Functional Training Class  6:45 am   

Friday:             Functional Training Class 7:45 am 

                         Functional Training Class  6:45 am   

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