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Holistic Supplements: Banyan Botanicals

Banyan Botanicals offers a range of holistic supplements, focusing on Ayurvedic healing principles. Their products are sustainable and ethically sourced, making them a top choice for natural health. Check out their range here.


  • CCF Tea: This tea has quickly become one of my favorite supplements in my daily routine. I've been enjoying CCF tea for a while now, and its benefits have been nothing short of remarkable. It's fantastic for aiding digestion and boosting overall well-being. Beyond just supporting digestion, CCF tea also helps calm the nervous system and has even been effective in reducing PMS symptoms. It's one of those versatile, nurturing products that aligns perfectly with a holistic approach to health. 


      Find Tea Collections: HERE

      CCF + Detox & Digest: HERE

      CCF + Mellow Mind HERE


  • Ashwagandha Powder has been a key part of my nutrition for over a year. It's excellent for stress management and overall health. Can be added to your favorite shake. You can purchase it HERE


  •  Muscle Balm: Comforting blend of oils and herbs to soothe and revitalize the muscles and tendons. HERE

EquiLife: Holistic Health and Wellness Products

                                                                  Introducing EquiLife – a brand passionately focused on holistic health and                                                                                      wellness. They offer a variety of top-quality supplements and wellness                                                                                                                  products  tailored to support a balanced and healthy lifestyle.                                                                                                            EquiLife stands out for their commitment to purity, efficacy, and                                                                                                          holistic principles. I personally trust and recommend EquiLife to                                                                                                          complement your wellness journey, ensuring you get the best in                                                                                                        your pursuit of optimal health.

                                                                                                Check them out here

Nutritional PowerA vegan, hypoallergenic protein powder, fortified with a wide range of activated vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, detox co-factors, and electrolytes, making it a one-stop-shop to fill the nutritional gaps in your diet.

The EquiLife Daily Fruit & Vegetable Blend: is the simple way to ensure you get the benefits of 22 fruits and vegetables, plus antioxidants and rare superfoods that support optimal health.

Magnesium: Calming Magnesium is a quick and tasty way to calm your body and mind and get ready for a night of restful sleep.

Inositol: delivered an easy-to-take powder formula of Myo-inositol, which can help balance hormone levels, inhibit weight gain, and supports menstrual regularity and ovarian health.

Online Workout Library: BODi

(Beachbody On Demand Interactive):

BODi is an ideal online fitness platform

for all fitness levels, and it's another way

to train with me online. It offers:

  • Guided Workouts for beginners.

  • Flexible Scheduling for busy individuals.

  • Diverse Challenges for fitness enthusiasts.

  • Family Fitness options for group activities.

  • On-the-Go Access for convenient training.

  • Year Membership with Supplement Bundle:


Click here for a year-long membership with an amazing supplement bundle.


  • Monthly Membership: For those interested in a monthly subscription, click here.


Additionally, BODi provides nutritional support with its range of supplements, including protein, pre-workout, and hydration drink mixes, enhancing your fitness experience



​                                            Yuka, This is my go to app for all things CLEAN! Scan barcodes to check food and cosmetic                                                                            product ratings for health impacts. Simple, informative, and a must-have for smart                                                                        shopping. Download now: Yuka on the App Store.




Also, I wanted to share my current favorite reads-MUST ;) 

'The Rain Barrel Effect' by Stephen Cabral. It's a truly enlightening book that I highly recommend for anyone interested in health and wellness. You can find it on Amazon here. Perfect for cozying up and gaining new insights this season!"

Building a non anxious Life by Dr. John Delony. Get it HERE

Remember, while some of these links are affiliate links, they are all products I personally use and believe in.


Feel free to drop a message or share your thoughts, OR if you have any questions - Im just a message away.


Wishing you all health, happiness, and peace. Let’s continue to inspire each other on our wellness journeys.

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