BORN JAN 1983 

WIFE 2005









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My Story

Hello! First off THANKS for stopping by my site and taking the time to read my story. Ill spare you the details but will share the biggest milestones of my journey this far so you can get to know me a little better. 

Ill start off by saying I have never been athletic or even active for that matter till 2019. Yup! just a few years, so if I can, anyone can too! It was a huge turning point for me when i realized i couldn't do regular daily activities without feeling fatigued, Laundry was one of those! 


These are a few pics throughout my journey. My highest weight was in 2012 i was a little over 180, and then during pregnancy reaching almost 200 lbs,  Besides being overweight, i felt so sick, always tired, had no desire to get active and my anxiety was through the roof! 

A little scare with Pregnancy Diabetes sparked a little interest in eating a bit better and so i started losing some weight during the last month of pregnancy from small changes in my nutrition, smaller meals, and multiple times a day. We were attempting a vegan diet and were able to do so for about 8 months, then just continue to make better choices there on after, not completely clean but those small changes starting helping regulate my weight through the years. Yes , it took some time, take into consideration that I was not working out at all, I was completely sedentary.

But for me, it needed to be small steps. And I was able to make tangible changes that have been long lasting. No quick fixes, No Fad Diets! Thats why i always say baby steps! 

Fast forward to 2019, i finally gave in! I realized I needed to get some physical activity to help me be able to carry out daily activities. And for some reason i decided to start running! Yep Im crazy! I couldn't even run for 30 seconds straight! But i kept at it! My brother in law Pablo, (Who is a runner, and just recently killed it in his run at the Boston Marathon)  was very helpful and supportive at the time. Gave me lots of helpful tips. And then one day my front door neighbor, who I recently heard was very ill, he told me "when you feel you cant anymore, push a through, you'll find your second wind" 

And sure enough, about a week later i tried it and double my record of 3 min at a time into 6 minutes. The next day I tried again and ran a full mile non stop! What a glorious day! Being that i had never ran before, it was an amazing feeling! Took me about 3 months of training!

Shortly after that joined a local gym, didn't enjoy the waiting for the machines, and not knowing what to do, so i convinced my friend to join me at a local crossfit-like gym. We had such a great experience, The Coaches there really cared about my health and giving me the tools i needed to improve my health and my passion for Health was ignited there, and I hope to do the same for others! 

But I haven't shared some big details of my history that have also influenced by decision to start coaching yet, like that my family has always had health issues, many family members with cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and then my dad passing from a stroke due to his diabetes at the age of 52 in 2009. This was a huge thorn in my flesh, causing havoc in my mental health and trickling down to my physical. Another detail is that I've struggled with anxiety since the young age of 10, not sharing it with anyone till I was 17, It became debilitating back in 2006 to the point of not being able to go outside my front door.  All this to say, I have had my share with all aspects of Health (Physical and Mental)  And in 2019, I was made aware, by God's Grace that I needed to be intentional with my health, that it wasn't just going to happen on its own, and even though I had no idea where to start, i just did something and in 2020,  about 7 months into my journey, right before Covid, I thought it would be a good time to take a personal training course, build my knowledge and then share my experience/knowledge with other in hope that they would see that they can be healthy too!

Little did I know it would be the best thing I could ever do! 

Fast Forward to the present time, Ive been coaching since November 2020 and I love every minute of it! I love teaching my clients the why behind the what and how the body works best . I love functional Fitness, Movements that will actually help us move throughout our day.  My desire is to teach ordinary people of ALL ages and of ALL conditions, they can be healthy too! Fitness is not just for the athlete, although for them too ;)

I would say my approach specifically in Fitness might not be so traditional, probably because it didn't work for me! And so I coach like I would coach myself. I don't think there is always pain in gain, although there is pain in gain. I like to start off slow, prepare and condition the body for long lasting healthy changes and avoid injury as much as possible. 

I am currently taking courses as a  Weight loss Specialist,  and 2 courses in Nutrition, one in traditional Nutrition, and the other in Functional Nutrition. I have really enjoyed learning as much as possible and will continue to add to my knowledge to better serve those around me. 


Im excited to continue to share my Experience + Knowledge with you all, my friends, my family and new friends, as well as hear your stories and possibly come alongside you to be a source of accountability, support and encouragement in your journey!  If I can be of any help to you, please feel free to contact me!

I say this a lot, but I really mean it...

If i can do this, so can you!

Coach Tania